Collision from Home: Reflections from Across Canada

Rebecca McDonell, Advisor, Partnerships and Strategy, Invest in Canada

person watching video conference on laptop computer

When Canada attracted Collision Conference, North America's fastest-growing tech event, the world took notice of a progressive northern neighbour, accelerating start-ups and fueling tech giants with global expertise at an astonishing pace. In 2019, this colossal event occurred outside of the United States for the first time. With great success in Toronto, many of the 25,000+ attendees from across 125 countries began immediately planning their return to Canada in 2020.

As news broke of the global pandemic earlier this year, Canada saw even more reason to open our doors to the global community, bringing together a world adapting to rapid change amidst the largest economic challenge of recent history. Additionally, what better platform to showcase Canada’s resilience, adaptability, innovation and accelerated digital transformation. In March 2020, Collision announced that the conference would go forward virtually in Toronto.

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