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Oct 2022
Laurel Broten

Five questions for Laurel Broten, Invest in Canada’s new Chief Executive Officer by: Invest in Canada

Laurel Broten became Invest in Canada’s chief executive officer on October 3, 2022. She is an award-winning CEO, a former cabinet minister, a lawyer, a legislator, an advocate and a community builder.
Sep 2022
Two men looking at computer screen

Tremendous growth in reinvested earnings: Global companies show long-term faith in Canada by: Invest in Canada

Looking back on the second quarter of 2022, FDI continues to grow and create tremendous opportunities for Canada. 
Aug 2022
Group of men and women standing on stage at business event

Umicore chooses Canada for first-of-its-kind EV battery materials plant by: Invest in Canada

Belgium-based Umicore has announced a $1.5 billion investment in an electric vehicle (EV) battery facility in Loyalist, Ontario. Learn more.
Jul 2022
scientists in lab

FDI brings new vitality to Canada’s life sciences sector by: Invest in Canada

Foreign direct investment is helping to build a thriving life sciences industry that includes world-class research institutions, business incubators and healthcare institutions.
Jul 2022
tractor driving in field towards farm

The future of alternative proteins is in Canada by: Invest in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s agricultural powers, ranking as the fifth-largest exporter of agri-food and seafood in the world in 2020. Learn more.
Jun 2022
child and elderly man walking in field holding a Canada flag

People, communities, and values are at the heart of modern FDI by: Invest in Canada

On Canada Day, Canadians from coast-to-coast celebrate the anniversary of the country we call home, the people that inhabit it, and the values that unite them.
Jun 2022
four panelists sitting on couch on stage beside woman speaking at podium

Canada's leadership in sustainable mining by: Invest in Canada

At the PDAC 2022 Convention, Canada’s sustainable mining leadership was on full display. Learn more.
Jun 2022
Large dumptruck in mine during sunset

31 reasons to invest in Canada’s mining opportunities by: Invest in Canada

Here are 31 reasons why global investors will want to choose Canada for mining investment opportunities.
Jun 2022
woman wrapped in Canadian flag standing in field

Canada maintains record momentum as FDI results for the first quarter of 2022 are released by: Invest in Canada

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Canada is continuing its strong performance. Learn why.