Jun 2021
ocean technology

Ocean Technology in Canada Thrives from Coast to Coast to Coast by: Megan Henwood, Investor Services Advisor, B.C & The North, and Rebecca Skinner, Investor Services Advisor, Atlantic Canada

Canada is truly an ocean nation. With the largest Arctic Ocean territory and the longest coastline in the world, it is no surprise that the ocean technologies (oceantech) are a driver of Canada’s economy. More than seven million people call Canada’s coasts home, and a significant number of global companies, high-tech innovators, research institutes and industry associations make up an oceantech innovation ecosystem spanning from coast to coast to coast.
Nov 2020
workers on boat

Investing in oceantech: The benefits of dropping an anchor on Canada’s east coast by: Rebecca Skinner, Investor Services Advisor, Atlantic, Invest in Canada

Atlantic Canada is home to diverse industries, from marine transportation, ocean energy, defense and security to fisheries and aquaculture. Canada’s East Coast is the epicentre of oceantech innovation and is attracting global companies.