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Mar 2023
Researcher in life sciences lab

Major reinvestment from AstraZeneca confirms Canada’s vital role in clinical trials by: Invest in Canada

On February 27, 2023, one day before Rare Disease Day,

Feb 2023
Woman in lab coat in greenhouse

FDI 101 – Priority industries for FDI in Canada by: Invest in Canada

From cleantech and EVs to plant-protein and life sciences, Canada attracts foreign direct investment in diverse industries. Learn how in our FDI 101 series.
Feb 2023
Group of business people

FDI 101 – How collaboration propels FDI into Canada by: Invest in Canada

Collaboration is key to attracting foreign direct investment in Canada. Find out why in our FDI 101 series.
Feb 2023
Woman in business attire looking out office window

FDI 101 – What is FDI? by: Invest in Canada

Learn what foreign direct investment is and why global companies choose Canada in our FDI 101 series.
Jan 2023
Laurel Broten

2023: Here’s what to expect from Invest in Canada by: Laurel Broten, CEO, Invest in Canada

In 2023, Invest in Canada will continue to focus on attracting foreign direct investment projects (FDI) that better the lives of Canadians.
Dec 2022
Canadian flag

Steady as she goes: Q3 2022 FDI inflows reach $18.7 billion by: Invest in Canada

Invest in Canada breaks down foreign direct investment (FDI) results for the third quarter of 2022. Learn more.
Oct 2022
person working on aircraft turbine

FDI is vital to continued aerospace growth in Canada by: Tamaïka Jumelle, Regional Director, Quebec, Invest in Canada

As part of the world’s electric revolution, the Canadian aerospace industry has its sights set on creating a greener world. Learn how.
Oct 2022
Laurel Broten

Five questions for Laurel Broten, Invest in Canada’s new Chief Executive Officer by: Invest in Canada

Hear from Laurel Broten, Invest in Canada’s new CEO, about her goals for the future of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Canada.
Sep 2022
Two men looking at computer screen

Tremendous growth in reinvested earnings: Global companies show long-term faith in Canada by: Invest in Canada

Foreign direct investment (FDI) continued to grow the second quarter of 2022, creating tremendous opportunities for Canada. Learn more.