Innovation Superclusters Initiative

What’s a Supercluster?

Superclusters are dense areas of business activity characterized by their large number of companies, academic post-secondary and research institutions and not-for-profit organizations. These networks boost economic growth and job creation by giving rise to strong business partnerships, long-term objectives and competitive advantages. In short, they make innovation happen.

Canada’s Superclusters Initiative

Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative pulls together technology clusters across the country into industry-led consortiums. Each Supercluster focuses on technology innovation in the areas where Canada has a significant competitive advantage: ocean sciences, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, protein industry, and digital technology.

The initiative's goal is to solve complex challenges, drive economic growth, develop and attract top talent, and advance world-leading research and innovation. Canada’s Superclusters have been supercharged with approximately $1 billion in federal government funding matched dollar-for-dollar by industry. The Superclusters are run by independent, not-for-profit organizations and move at the speed of business, and capitalize on innovation and market opportunities. They are responsible for selecting and funding projects that benefit, grow and meet the evolving needs of their innovation ecosystems.


Supercluster - digital technology

Digital Technology Supercluster

Total funding: up to $173 million

Based in British Columbia, this Supercluster is unlocking the potential of data. Using virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, data, and quantum computing, the Digital Technology Supercluster is solving productivity, health, and sustainability challenges.

Partners include:

D Wave

Supercluster - Protein industry

Protein Industries Supercluster

Total funding: up to $173 million

Based in the Prairie Provinces, this Supercluster is evolving agricultural production with plant genomics and novel processing.

Partners include:

AGT Foods
Maple Leaf
Dow & Du Pont
DOT Farming

Supercluster - Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

Total funding: up to $250 million

This Ontario-based Supercluster is building next-generation manufacturing capabilities by adopting advanced processes and developing and deploying new technologies like robotics and 3D printing.

Partners include:

Clearpath Robotics
University of Waterloo

Supercluster - SCALE.AI

AI-powered Supply Chains Supercluster (Scale AI)

Total funding: up to $230 million

The Scale AI Supercluster, based in Quebec, is building the supply chains of the future using artificial intelligence and robotic technologies.

Partners include:

BCG - Boston Consulting Group

Supercluster - ocean

Ocean Supercluster

Total funding: up to $153 million

Based in Atlantic Canada, the Ocean Supercluster is solving global challenges like how to meet energy demands through marine renewable energy, fisheries, aquaculture, oil and gas, defence, shipbuilding, and transportation.

Partners include:

Cuna Del Mar
Pal Aerospace
Smart Ice
Dalhousie University

What’s in it for you?

Private sector members of Canada’s superclusters can:

  • Lead or join supercluster projects;
  • Provide and access technology solutions developed through the supercluster;
  • Meet industry, community and government partners; and
  • Access project funding

Next steps

If you are a foreign-owned multinational business interested in investing in Canada, contact us for a customized proposal outlining how applicable programs and incentives can help you grow.

For information about Canada’s five Superclusters, and how organizations and firms across the world can get involved, please visit the following websites:

Digital Technology Supercluster:

Protein Industries Supercluster: 

Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster:

Scale AI Supercluster:

Ocean Supercluster: