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Canada: A playground for Cleantech companies

Recovery from the economic dislocation caused by the pandemic must align with reducing the negative impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through our work with global investors, we know that same vision is informing the way investment decisions are being made around the world. Fortunately, Canada offers what KPMG LLP calls a “playground for cleantech”, where investments into low-carbon energy and technology have great potential to rebuild the economy in a sustainable way.
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Canada’s Resilience Makes it an Ideal Place to Invest Post-COVID-19

The pandemic is still with us, and it will be for some time to come. So, while our main focus needs to remain on protecting the health and safety of our citizens, we must, at the same time, work towards economic recovery and create business opportunities for global investors post-COVID.
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Innovation Superclusters Initiative

Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative pulls five networks of technology clusters together from across the country. Discover what these superclusters do.
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From Advanced Manufacturing to Life Sciences, Canada is a global leader in innovation and collaboration. Explore Canada's profitable industries.
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Canada collaborates with global stakeholders and jurisdictions to bring innovative and competitive cleantech to market. Join Canada's emerging cleantech sector.
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Natural Resources

Forward-thinking energy, minerals and metals and forest sector companies are investing in Canada's natural resources. Find out why your company should too.