Global Pandemic: How Canada is Rising to the Challenge

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On December 30, 2019, Toronto-based BlueDot informed its clients about unusual pneumonia cases detected around a market in Wuhan. Using artificial intelligence, the company’s platform predicts the spread of infectious diseases. It was the first to predict the COVID-19 outbreak.

Three months later, companies everywhere in Canada are finding new ways to join the fight and are spearheading a global movement of collaboration. While biotech companies search for a cure, manufacturers are repurposing their production lines to supply medical gear and tech companies are pitching in to support healthcare professionals, small businesses and Canadians.

Times may feel uncertain, but one thing is clear, Canada stands strong in resilience.

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Breaking new ground

If there was ever a time to see Canada’s talent in action, this is it. Across the country, our life sciences ecosystem is mobilizing to find innovative medical solutions to the ongoing global crisis – and it’s working.

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Tech Brain and Manufacturing Muscles Make Canada the Ideal Environment for Mobility Companies

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car manufacturing facility

Michigan and Ontario represent the two largest automotive manufacturing markets in North America. While Michigan continues to make more vehicles, Canada’s strengths in technology, talent and trade have made Ontario the best location for mobility companies going forward into this increasingly tech-driven world. And that includes for American auto brands too.

Today, Ontario has the distinction of serving as the Canadian headquarters of five global OEMs—Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota. Together, these companies assemble more than two million vehicles each year at their Canadian plants.

They are supplied by an ecosystem of nearly 700 parts suppliers across the country and a talent base with expertise that spans areas such as robotics, reinforcement learning, computer vision, cyber security and automotive software.

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