How Cleantech is Leading Canada to a Greener Recovery

Saïka Sarazin, Investor Services Advisor, Invest in Canada

Engineer of wind turbine

Canada is a world leader in developing clean technologies across industries. The economic recovery from COVID-19 presents an opportunity for continued innovation in the space. As more industries eye opportunities to lower emissions in their business and supply chains, government programs and companies across Canada serve as models. Under the framework established by the Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change and Clean Growth (PCF), the Government of Canada—together with provincial and territorial governments—has committed to “modernize procurement practices, adopt clean energy and technologies, and prioritize opportunities to help Canadian businesses grow, demonstrate new technologies and create jobs.”

Defined as a technology that offers environmentally sound solutions to the world’s ecological challenges, cleantech solutions continue to be adopted by businesses operating in Canada. As Canada moves forward to achieve net-zero emission targets and limit the effects of climate change, there is an opportunity for industry leaders to help guide that transition over the coming months, years and decades.  

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