Canada’s Pandemic Response Shows Life Sciences Leadership

Ian G. McKay, CEO, Invest in Canada

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As a Canadian, I am proud of how Canada has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. #CanadaResilient.

In Canada, we have focused on protection and preparation—by protecting everyone’s health and safety and preparing businesses here for transition to economic recovery. 

Although far from perfect, Canada has fared better in dealing with this pandemic than others around the world. As The Washington Post noted in mid-July, while Canada and the United States both confirmed their first cases around the same time in January, Canada has reported, on a per capita basis, about three times fewer infections than the United States and almost half the number of deaths

Canada’s relative success in responding to COVID-19 speaks to a culture of respect for the life sciences, for professional medical advice, and for each other. As pointed out in that Washington Post article, “The Canadian people have been less divided and more disciplined” over measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Canada’s Life Sciences Sector Shines 

As dark clouds go, the COVID-19 pandemic is among the worst to hit our modern world. But we can choose to see a silver lining. For Canada, one such bright spot is that the pandemic is shining a light on the success of Canada’s innovation economy.  

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Global Pandemic: How Canada is Rising to the Challenge

Invest in Canada

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On December 30, 2019, Toronto-based BlueDot informed its clients about unusual pneumonia cases detected around a market in Wuhan. Using artificial intelligence, the company’s platform predicts the spread of infectious diseases. It was the first to predict the COVID-19 outbreak.

Three months later, companies everywhere in Canada are finding new ways to join the fight and are spearheading a global movement of collaboration. While biotech companies search for a cure, manufacturers are repurposing their production lines to supply medical gear and tech companies are pitching in to support healthcare professionals, small businesses and Canadians.

Times may feel uncertain, but one thing is clear, Canada stands strong in resilience.

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Breaking new ground

If there was ever a time to see Canada’s talent in action, this is it. Across the country, our life sciences ecosystem is mobilizing to find innovative medical solutions to the ongoing global crisis – and it’s working.

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