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FDI for Canada

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Foreign direct investment (FDI) creates good jobs and opportunities for Canadians. It spurs economic growth, making our cities and towns thrive.

Invest in Canada is Canada’s global investment promotion and attraction agency. We find the best global companies to invest, building a prosperous, sustainable economy for our communities, our country and our world.

Regional Spotlight: Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island boasts a strategic location, welcoming business environment, and offers unique opportunities for investments in sectors such as agribusiness, clean technology, and aerospace.
What is FDI

What is foreign direct investment?

Foreign direct investment occurs when a global company chooses to do business in Canada. They may set up operations here for the first time, expand their existing footprint in Canada, or partner with a Canadian business.

Why investment into Canada matters

Foreign direct investment creates opportunities, stimulates economic development and introduces new ideas and innovation to Canada. For Canadians, this means more high-quality jobs and a stronger, more sustainable economy.

Types of FDI

New investment

takes place when a global business sets up operations in Canada for the first time


happens when a company expands its operations in Canada and opens more facilities

Merger and acquisition (M&A)

takes place when a global investor purchases or partners with a Canadian company to grow their business

Benefits to Canadians

Benefits to Canada and Canadians

When global investors choose Canada to set up shop or expand their operations, they make a long-term commitment to Canada. Global companies bring new ideas and technologies that build on Canada’s existing strengths.

As they grow in Canada, global businesses create new jobs for Canadians. Ongoing investment means Canada’s economy stays strong, stable and prosperous.

34,155 jobs
forecasted in 2021 from FDI (excluding M&As)

Source: fDi Markets & PitchBook
(retrieved May 24, 2022)

736 investment projects
announced in 2021

Source: fDi Markets & PitchBook
(retrieved May 13, 2022)

$75.5 billion
invested in Canada in 2021 by global companies

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 36-10-0473-01
(retrieved June 9, 2022)

How FDI benefits Canadians

Get to know some of the many Canadians who benefit from foreign direct investment – and why their jobs matter to them.

Who is investing in Canada

Who is investing in Canada

Across all industries, Canada continues to attract global companies and innovative, high-growth businesses from around the world. They come to Canada, set down roots and stay for the long term. Get to know some of the companies that have invested in Canada below.


Type of investment
Grain facilities
Total invested
$54 million
Total jobs
Source country
Rosser, MB and Biggar, SK

Grieg Seafood

Type of investment
Aquaculture facility
Total invested
$233 million
Source country
Marystown, NL

Air Products

Type of investment
New blue hydrogen energy complex
Total invested
$1.3 billion
Total jobs
Source country
United States
Edmonton, AB


Type of investment
Development of Coffee Gold Mine project
Total jobs
Source country
United States


Type of investment
New biocarbon pilot plant
Total invested
$26 million
Total jobs
Source country
Chicoutimi, QC

Rio Tinto Group

Type of investment
Facility expansion to increase low-carbon aluminum production
Total invested
$193.6 million
Total jobs
Source country
United Kingdom
Saguenay, QC


Type of investment
Aerospace centre of excellence
Total jobs
Source country
United Kingdom
Montréal, QC

Nature Energy

Type of investment
Large-scale facility for renewable natural gas production
Total invested
$100 million
Total jobs
Source country
Farnham, QC

Global companies changing Canadian lives and communities

Meet the companies behind some of the most exciting recent investment announcements in Canada.

LG Energy Solution and Stellantis choose Canada

Umicore chooses Canada for first-of-its-kind EV battery materials plant

Why do global companies choose Canada?

Canada is a big draw for companies looking to grow on a global scale.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

Highly skilled workers

Canada has the most educated workforce in the world. Canadians bring valued skills and expertise to all fields of work.

Easy access to global markets

Canada’s focus on free and open trade with the rest of the world connects global businesses with 1.5 billion consumers in 51 countries worldwide.

Welcoming business environment

Canada is a stable and
cost-effective place to do business. Canada is #1 in the G7 for banking stability and access and our quality of life is #3 in the world.

Invest in Canada’s role

Invest in Canada’s role

At Invest in Canada, we find the best to invest. We work with government partners and investment attraction agencies to seek out the most committed and best qualified companies to invest in Canada. We provide personalized services to global companies to support their investment plans. Once they’re established in Canada, we help them identify and act on new opportunities for growth.

What it means for Canada

We’re focused on helping to build a prosperous, sustainable economy for our communities, our country and our world. This means promoting Canada as a top destination to global companies looking to expand their operations and reach new markets. Through this work, we help companies create high-quality jobs for Canadians, support economic development in communities both large and small, and open opportunities for Canadian industry to innovate and thrive.

Canada’s team approach to investment promotion

As Canada’s national investment promotion agency, we work with partners across the country to promote Canada as an investment destination:

  • provincial and territorial governments
  • municipalities across Canada
  • investment promotion agencies
  • industry associations

Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, located in 161 cities around the world, helps identify investors, connect them to our network, and provide them expertise and support.

“Umicore is a company with a 200-year history. We have done many investment projects during that time. This project that has been architected by Invest in Canada was a benchmark in the history of Umicore.”

Mathias Miedreich, CEO, Umicore

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