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Market access


Sell to the world from Canada. With its long history of free and open trade, Canada is the perfect place to sell to global markets. Canada’s extensive trade portfolio makes doing business internationally easier and offers companies preferential access to 1.5 billion consumers worldwide.

Preferential access to markets and supply chains

15 free trade agreements

1.5 billion consumers worldwide

51 countries

Canada’s transportation infrastructure

Canada’s world-class transportation infrastructure connects your products and services directly to world markets by road, rail, sea and air. These secure trade corridors reduce your risk and simplify business travel.


“Sekisui chose Prince Edward Island for the cost competitiveness of our workforce, our strategic placement to ship by land or air into our North American market, or air or sea into our European market.”

Eugene Howatt, Plant Manager, Sekisui Diagnostics

How we help

Invest in Canada can connect you with Canadian trade commissioners who will help your company benefit from the greater market access opportunities available through Canada’s 15 free trade agreements.

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