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Why Canada

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The opportunities for global companies to grow in Canada are limitless. Offering preferential access to global markets, a highly skilled workforce and a stable, welcoming business environment, Canada is the place to be.


Canada is home to the world’s most educated workforce.
Tap into Canadian talent.

Market access

Looking for a launchpad to access global markets? Canada is the answer. Connect with global markets.
Market access


Stability in a fast-paced, changing global market matters.
See Canada’s strengths.


Canada has a strong commitment to ESG principles.
Find out what Canada is doing.

Why expand to Canada?

Top 5 reasons

Canada’s federal government corporate income tax rate is one of the lowest in the G7. Companies in Canada enjoy some of the most beneficial tax advantages in the world.

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How to invest in Canada

Invest in Canada works closely with global businesses. Discover our full range of customized services to support your investment.

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Invest in Canada prepares customized information on programs and tax incentives to support your success.