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Canada offers incentives and tax credit programs to global companies looking to invest in Canada. Contact us for a customized information package on the programs and incentives designed to help your business grow.

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Global Skills Strategy

The Global Skills Strategy allows employers to fast-track skilled international workers to Canada quickly and easily.

Learn about the Global Skills Strategy

The program offers:

  • short-duration work permit exemptions
  • fast processing for highly skilled workers
  • Global Talent Stream for hiring specialized workers

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Scientific Research and Experimental Development

The SR&ED tax incentive program is Canada’s largest R&D program with $3 billion in tax incentives annually.

Learn about the SR&ED tax program

Eligible R&D projects:

  • address a technological or scientific uncertainty
  • address a technological advancement
  • use a systematic investigation or search

Accelerated Investment Incentive

This program allows companies to write off a large share of the costs of newly acquired capital assets, like equipment in the year the purchase is made or the asset becomes available for use.

Learn about the Accelerated Investment Incentive

Write off a large share of:

  • manufacturing and processing equipment purchases
  • clean energy equipment purchases

Strategic Innovation Fund

The Strategic Innovation Fund has established Canada as a top destination to invest and grow. The program provides funding for large innovation projects and more.

Learn about the Strategic Innovation Fund

Funding streams:

  • R&D support
  • growth and expansion facilitation
  • large-scale investment attraction and retention
  • industrial R&D and technology demonstration advancement
  • national innovation ecosystems support

Join an innovation cluster and drive growth

Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters are building first-rate innovation ecosystems through $1 billion in federal government funding, matched dollar-for-dollar by industry. These 5 groups drive intense business activity in key industries and bring together companies, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

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