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You’ll feel right at home in Canada. Canada’s talent pool is diverse, committed and highly skilled. It’s also the world’s most educated workforce. Canadian workers bring new ideas, push boundaries and set a global standard for excellence. Canada’s focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) underpins our culture of innovation and bolsters our reputation as a world leader in R&D. Canada ranks #5 in the world for attracting international students, many of whom stay and call Canada home too.

Canadian workforce advantages

The competitive advantage of the world’s most educated workforce

Canada’s talent pool

Fuel your growth with Canadian talent

Fast-track global recruitment into Canada

Canadian incentives speed up global recruitment so you can build the right team to put your plans into action.

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“Canada is home to some of the greatest universities in the world, and every year more and more great talent is graduating. For companies looking to scale their operations or enter new fields, Canada is a perfect place to partner and tap into that talent.”

Stephen Hampton, Manager, Public Policy and Government Affairs, Telesat

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Invest in Canada connects global companies with our national network of partners in government, education and industry. We help you identify the best programs and contacts to attract the best talent.

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