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From farm to store shelf, food producers and manufacturers operating in Canada enjoy low business costs, accessible export markets and advanced research in Canadian agri-tech. Canada is ranked #2 in the world for the number of agri-tech investors, who benefit from a strong R&D environment and Canadian expertise.

Excellence in agri-tech research and innovation

Canada’s agri-tech industry is rich with R&D activity to support technological advances in the agriculture and food sector. Many organizations support research and innovation across Canada, such as the Canadian Agri-food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) and the Canadian Food Innovation Network.

Work is underway to accelerate the automation and digitization of Canada’s agricultural sector using advanced technologies and processes like robotics, sensor and agriculture data, and AI deep learning.

Germany’s Infarm, which uses a hydroponic system to grow chemical-free food in urban areas, has production hubs in Calgary, Halifax, Hamilton and Vancouver. The company is using machine learning, sensors and climate-controlled containers to grow food using 95% less land and water than traditional farms.

Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins represent the future of food. They help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while satisfying market demand for nutritious meat alternatives. As the world’s largest exporter of pulse crops (lentils, peas, beans and chickpeas), Canada is a world leader in plant-based proteins, attracting global businesses like Agrocorp and Roquette to this growing industry.

Roquette’s investment in the world’s largest pea processing plant

Agrocorp: Investing in plant proteins

Partnerships to shape the future of plant-based proteins

Agri-tech innovation clusters are sprouting up across Canada. Among them are the federal government’s agriculture and agri-food research centres, located across the country, which focus on improving agricultural practices and market opportunities through research and new ideas.

Protein Industries Canada is an industry-led organization that connects companies with customers, partnerships, R&D opportunities and global markets to advance Canada’s expertise in plant proteins and plant-based co-products. The organization works with the private sector and post-secondary and research institutions to create co-investment projects.

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Invest in Canada works with global agri-tech companies to grow their opportunities in Canada.

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Recent investments

The Cultivated B.

Type of investment
Manufacturing facility and innovation hub for cellular agriculture operations
Total invested
$50 million
Total jobs
Source country
Burlington, ON


Type of investment
R&D centre to accelerate development of new plant-based proteins
Total invested
$17 million
Total jobs
Source country
Winnipeg, MB

Raven Industries Inc.

Type of investment
New Canadian headquarters and innovation centre
Total invested
$15.1 million
Total jobs
Source country
United States
Regina, SK