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Expand into Canada with Invest in Canada on your team. We bring industry, community and government together to offer seamless services that make it easy for you to invest in Canada and grow your operations.

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We offer the following services to global businesses:

Business advisory services

We support a variety of investment projects, from R&D centres and manufacturing facilities to North American headquarters. We’re here to guide you with strategic advice at all points of the investment process. We can help flag issues and tap into programs to support your growth.

Target investment opportunities

We work with you to identify investment opportunities aligned with your strategic objectives. We can help you scope and investigate potential investments.

Introductions to partners

We will connect your business with key people in government and the private sector, including potential investment and R&D partners.

Strategic referrals

We can link you to the right government agency, province or territory, or city partner to help you advance your business plans.

Sensitive files

We understand the need to protect commercially sensitive information. We can provide support for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with federal government agencies to conduct ongoing discussions on your project with federal deal teams.

Incentive packages

We will prepare a package outlining programs, tax incentives and support available from all levels of government in Canada, fully customized to meet your business and investment objectives.

Site visits and virtual tours

We offer and plan on-the-ground support services when your team visits Canada. We can coordinate site tours, partner meetings and hospitality for your visit.

Troubleshooting and issues response

We can provide support for troubleshooting issues that could impact your investment plans, business continuity or future business, including immigration challenges.

For Canadian industry, municipal, provincial and territorial partners

At Invest in Canada, we bring together Canadian industry partners, governments and investment promotion organizations across Canada to support foreign direct investment into Canada.

Here’s how we work with our partners:

Support to industry

We help Canadian industry sectors develop high-level proposals and value propositions that are used to do outreach to global investors.

Investor engagement strategies

We help plan investor engagement strategies. To do so, we identify key players, coordinate talks with government partners at all levels, and outline action items, regulatory issues, funding and other needs.

Customized value proposition

We provide support to develop business cases and deliver government pitches to global executives. We offer detailed market information and customized lists of support programs and incentives for investors.

Support for investment announcements

We help plan, execute and promote investment announcements in conjunction with our partners at all levels of government.

“During PSA’s investment process, Invest in Canada was very helpful, active and engaged in helping us complete our investment project. They kept us abreast of legislation, investment climate and specific opportunities in the port sector along the way.”

Enno Koll, Head of Americas, PSA International Pte Ltd

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