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Demand for hydrogen and other sources of clean energy is surging as the world transitions to net-zero emissions. Currently one of the world’s top hydrogen producers, Canada boasts a thriving low-cost, low-carbon hydrogen industry that is attracting global investors.

Canadian technology, innovation and fuel cell expertise are driving advances in hydrogen – the only fuel with the potential to completely decarbonize every part of the economy. Supported by an ambitious national hydrogen strategy and world-class research clusters, Canada is the ideal place to invest in hydrogen.

Hydrogen: Industry overview

6 reasons to invest in Canada’s hydrogen industry

Hydrogen R&D

Canada has world-class expertise in R&D and decades of experience in energy, creating the perfect conditions to extend innovation into emerging industries like hydrogen and fuel cells. This power in R&D has led to over half of the world’s deployed fuel cell buses using Canadian-made hydrogen fuel cell powertrain technology.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Canada is a world leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. It was the destination of choice for the world’s first standardized automotive fuel stack production facility, created as a joint venture between Daimler, Ford and Ballard Power systems.

The hydrogen revolution in Canada’s energy heartland

The zero-carbon hydrogen future is taking shape in Québec

Canada’s hydrogen fuel cell success story

Green steel

Already among the world’s greenest steelmaking countries, Canada has embraced the potential of hydrogen to completely decarbonize ironmaking and steelmaking processes. In their efforts to meet net-zero carbon goals by 2050, Canadian researchers are investigating the potential of hydrogen as a heat source and an input in the production of green steel.

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Invest in Canada provides personalized services to global hydrogen companies. We help identify opportunities and incentives, and connect you with the right people to support your growth plans.

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Recent investments

Buckeye Partners

Type of investment
Acquisition of Bear Head Energy
Source country
United States
Port Hawkesbury, NS

Air Products

Type of investment
New blue hydrogen energy complex
Total invested
$1.3 billion
Total jobs
Source country
United States
Edmonton, AB

Air Liquide

Type of investment
New hydrogen facility in Bécancour
Source country
Bécancour, QC