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Canada's Semiconductor Industry Empowered by IBM’s Reinvestment in its Operations

Semiconductor chipset held in the hand of a lab technician.
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With a history spanning decades, IBM’s operations in Bromont, Québec have been instrumental in advancing quantum computing and semiconductors research and development. The U.S. technology leader’s announcement of a $187M investment towards further developing the assembly, testing and packaging capabilities for semiconductors signals a commitment to innovation and a transformative shift in Canada's microchips ecosystem to allow it to become a reliable, global leader in the field. 

Spurring Economic Growth and Prosperity for Canada’s Technology Sector 

Semiconductors are used to power a broad range of everyday products, including automobiles, computers and generative artificial intelligence (AI). The Bromont’s facility is one of North America’s largest chip assembly and testing facilities. 80% of semiconductors built by IBM for global distribution pass through the site, a testament to the importance it holds for Canada’s ecosystem.

This reinvestment holds significant economic benefits for both the Brome-Missisquoi region, the Quebec province and Canada as a whole. Fostering a thriving semiconductor ecosystem, this expansion will create 280 high-paying, high-skilled jobs as well as provide 240 internships in quantic technology. It will also amplify economic activity in the region and foster collaboration with partners, such as Université de Sherbrooke and small and medium-sized Canadian-based enterprises who will reap the benefits of this investment as they collaborate and work alongside microchips products that will emerge. 

This investment is an example of the ripple effect global companies can create when they invest in a region, contributing in solidifying thousands of jobs in this region, furthering innovation in the STEM sector, and providing training to students as well. 

Fostering Sustainability: A Commitment to Responsible Innovation 

Central to IBM’s expansion at this facility is a shared commitment with Canada to sustainability and responsible innovation. Further to the company’s prioritization of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship to minimize the ecological footprint of semiconductor manufacturing processes, the integration of quantum computing and AI technologies into semiconductor R&D holds promise for enhancing sustainability across the globe. These technologies have the potential to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and mitigate environmental impact, aligning with Canada's broader sustainability goals. 

Positioning Canada as an Innovation Hub: A Global Leader in Semiconductor Technology

With this announcement, Canada positions itself as a frontrunner in semiconductor innovation on the global stage to the same extent that it is recognized as a leader in the energy and critical mineral realms.  Invest in Canada feels immense pride for having collaborated with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and the Consulate General of New York to help support IBM in its decision to expand its Bromont operations.   

By collaborating with governments at both the federal and provincial levels, global technology leader IBM is building on the collective expertise and resources to maximize impact and create lasting value for Canadian communities. 

These kinds of strategic investments are shaping an innovative, sustainable and prosperous future for the industry, the country and our world.