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FDI 101 – How collaboration propels FDI into Canada

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Invest in Canada

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is important to Canada. It leads to new jobs, economic growth and a brighter future for Canadians. 

Countries all over the world actively seek out investment from global companies for those exact reasons. 

As Canada’s global investment attraction and promotion agency, Invest in Canada looks for the best global companies to invest here. Our priority is to ensure investments are made in the country's best interest, creating jobs and prosperity for Canadians in communities across the country. 

This means that we’re looking for investments to help us achieve our goals as a country – from net-zero carbon emissions to creating more and better career opportunities for our children.    

The right players, the right game plan  

To achieve success, collaboration is key.  Together with partners across the country, we present a national perspective of all our distinctive assets, talent and resources to investors around the globe. 

For example, we work with: 

  • The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) of Global Affairs Canada at the international level.  Located in important markets around the world, TCS helps identify companies that will be the right fit for Canada. 
  • Investment attraction agencies, both at the provincial or territorial level, and at the regional and municipal level.  They are the specialists for their own jurisdictions, working to bring in global companies, and promoting the benefits of investing in cities, towns and rural regions across Canada. 
  • Other federal departments, such as Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). 

Invest in Canada’s role, in collaboration with partners across the country, is to match Canada’s strategic assets to what investors are looking for in a way that offers our communities the most positive impact. 

Because we believe that when companies expand here, all Canadians benefit from it. 

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