Jan 2021
Canada and USA flags

Canada and the U.S.: Investing in our Partnership by: Emily King, Senior Investor Services Advisor, U.S., Invest in Canada

Canada and the U.S. are important partners, with close cultural and economic ties. In this blog, Emily King reflects on our countries’ shared values that are key to building and strengthening this partnership.
Jan 2021
automotive manufacturing assembly line

Ontario: A Smart Choice for Electric Vehicle and Battery Manufacturing by: Greg Da Re, Regional Director, Ontario & Nanami Akimoto, Strategy & Research Analyst, Invest in Canada

Automakers have taken note of the shift towards sustainable mobility solutions and are now racing to build electric vehicles (EV), zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) to meet increasing demand. With a rich automotive history, skilled talent and a robust ecosystem, the province of Ontario is well-positioned to be the epicentre of the next generation of mobility solutions.
Jan 2021
construction workers in mine

Canada: Where Sustainable Mining Companies Innovate & Thrive by: Sean Elbe, Regional Director, B.C. & The North, Invest in Canada

In Canada, the world’s most ambitious global mining companies have a head start.  Canada’s mining industry is well-established and world-renowned, containing over 10 million square kilometres of diverse geological regions, extensive mineral deposits and expertise built on centuries of mining history. Canada is endowed with unbeatable potential in mining and is keen to invite the world to invest.
Jan 2021
Suspension bridge with Canada flag

Looking ahead: 2021 trends for foreign direct investment in Canada by: Ian McKay, CEO, Invest in Canada

As the CEO of Invest in Canada, I am constantly in contact with international executives—assessing and addressing their most pressing business challenges while presenting investment opportunities all across Canada. Like the rest of us, global investors have experienced a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. They too are looking to navigate the uncertainties of the post-COVID-19 world.

Dec 2020
woman using tablet in server room

Why U.S. Cybersecurity Firms Choose Canada by: Philippe Ferland, Business Analyst, Invest in Canada

US cybersecurity firms have continuously chosen to invest in Canada and the reasons why are numerous. Canada currently ranks 6th in the world for cybersecurity venture capital deals​​​​​ and is the 6th most secure nation in terms of cybersecurity protection.  Many global companies are already recognizing Canada’s strengths as a cybersecurity hub, and a high number of deals and projects are flowing into the country from the US.
Dec 2020
Skyline of Calgary, Alberta

Investment opportunities in Alberta’s emerging industries by: Emily Kneteman, Regional Director, Alberta, Invest in Canada

The Alberta economy is undergoing a transformation.  Known globally for its traditional oil and gas industry, this province has a lot to offer Canada and the world, beyond petrochemicals. Alberta is a province rich in resources, brilliant talent, breathtaking landscapes, and promising sectors emerging from its traditional industries. From cleantech and renewable energy to agriculture and artificial intelligence, Alberta’s emerging industries offer plenty of opportunity for innovation and investment.

Nov 2020
workers on boat

Investing in Oceantech: The Benefits of Dropping an Anchor on Canada’s East Coast by: Rebecca Skinner, Investor Services Advisor, Atlantic, Invest in Canada

According to the OECD, the global oceans economy is forecast to double in value to $3 trillion by 2030, representing significant opportunity for global investors. With the world’s longest coastline, the largest Arctic ocean region, and some of the world’s most productive waters, Canada is well-positioned to take advantage of this growing global industry, and investors from Europe and around the world are taking notice. Take a deep dive into the ocean economy on Canada’s East Coast.
Oct 2020
wind turbines in field near mountains

Canada: A playground for Cleantech companies by: Nathalie Béchamp, Chief, Investor Services, Invest in Canada

Recovery from the economic dislocation caused by the pandemic must align with reducing the negative impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through our work with global investors, we know that same vision is informing the way investment decisions are being made around the world. Fortunately, Canada offers what KPMG LLP calls a “playground for cleantech”, where investments into low-carbon energy and technology have great potential to rebuild the economy in a sustainable way.
Oct 2020
row of Canadian flags

Canada’s Resilience Makes it an Ideal Place to Invest Post-COVID-19 by: The Hon. Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade & Ian McKay, CEO, Invest in Canada

The pandemic is still with us, and it will be for some time to come. So, while our main focus needs to remain on protecting the health and safety of our citizens, we must, at the same time, work towards economic recovery and create business opportunities for global investors post-COVID.
Oct 2020
Lab with computers

On the Cutting Edge: Canada is where you need to be for MedTech by: Daniel Dooks, Regional Director, Atlantic, Invest in Canada

Read on to discover more about Canada’s compelling life sciences industry, of which medtech is a significant part—as well as the unique advantages found in Atlantic Canada.  
Sep 2020
Woman Coding on Computer

Canada’s advantage for AI: An ecosystem fuelled by talent and innovation by: Karicia Quiroz, Research Manager & Anam Elahi, Business Analyst, Invest in Canada

Canada is a leader in the global AI landscape, recognized internationally for the quality of its research, skilled talent pool, and its contributions to AI innovation. Learn more about what makes Canada a global leader in AI.
Sep 2020
street sign indicating electric and hydrogen stations ahead

Hydrogen: An Emerging Innovation in Canada's Renewable Energy Industry by: Francis Campbell, Analyst, Research, Invest in Canada

The world is headed into an unprecedented energy transition, and Canada is poised to lead that transition. Find out why emerging industries like hydrogen and cleantech will be essential to Canada's energy leadership in the future.