Apr 2022
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STEM talent: Canada's shift from brain drain to brain gain by: Invest in Canada

Canada is building a strong talent pool that will ensure it remains a destination of choice for global investors. Learn how.
Aug 2020
Canadian Flag

Why immigration and talent make Canada the ideal choice for investors by: Dejan Velichkov, Senior Investor Services Advisor, Invest in Canada

Canada’s immigration and talent attraction programs provide opportunities for global companies and for families. Find out more.
Jun 2020
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Collision from Home: Reflections from across Canada by: Rebecca McDonell, Advisor, Partnerships and Strategy, Invest in Canada

In 2020, Canada became the first country host the Collision conference outside the U.S. Read about the first virtual experience for this growing event.
Jun 2020
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Talent and innovation: Twin drivers of Canada’s tech industry by: Ian McKay, CEO, Invest in Canada

Canada will showcase its thriving technology industry at the Collision tech conference in Toronto. Discover Canada’s strengths in tech.
Jan 2020

Why the American tech industry is innovating in Canada by: Invest in Canada

U.S. giants IBM and Microsoft are growing in Canada, joining 41,500 other tech companies in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Learn why.
Jan 2020
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Why U.S. Companies from All Industries Are Flocking to Canada by: Invest in Canada

Canada's free trade agreements make it an open and progressive global player. Find out what makes companies choose Canada.
Jan 2020
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Tech Brain and Manufacturing Muscles Make Canada the Ideal Environment for Mobility Companies by: Invest in Canada

Ontario is one of the largest automotive manufacturing markets in North America and a top global location for expansion. Find out why.