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2023: Here’s what to expect from Invest in Canada

Laurel Breton
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Invest in Canada

Since joining Invest in Canada as Chief Executive Officer in October, I have been thrilled with the level of excitement generated by our work and our purpose. Partners from across the country, around the world and from a range of sectors and industries want to work with Invest in Canada and, at the same time, rely on us to deliver on our mandate: to attract and facilitate foreign direct investments that are in the best interest of Canada.  

As we enter another year, I am reflecting further on how we position Canada on the world stage and find the best global companies to invest here; those that will contribute positively to the Canadian economy by bringing high-value, transformative investments that lead to jobs, innovation and prosperity in communities across the country. 

As the investment agency working on behalf of all Canadians and every part of the country, I want every Canadian to know that Invest in Canada is in their corner. In 2023, you have my commitment that we will keep working hard to bring the best global companies, aligned with Canada’s vision and interests,  and creating the high-paying jobs that come with them to Canada, for Canadians. 

I also recognize that while the economic impact of each investment is critical, so is the social and environmental implications of each, and we at Invest in Canada have an obligation towards our country to ensure we are contributing to Canada’s sustainable and inclusive growth. 

This year more than ever will require that we deliver on our ambitious objectives for Canada, by staying agile and adapting our approach to changing economic conditions.  

I am confident that Canada’s value proposition to global investors is persuasive, especially for transformative industries that have the potential to decarbonize the global economy and achieve climate change objectives. 

In 2023, Invest in Canada will continue focusing on industries that will better Canadians’ lives now and in the future. These include existing priorities like the battery electric vehicle supply chain – for which we saw significant investments by LGES and Stellantis, Umicore and GM over the past year, the net-zero energy transition – including hydrogen and other alternative fuels – and value-added agriculture. Life sciences and bio-manufacturing will also be priority sectors, a recognition of the activity and potential in this space across Canada.  

I am very proud that Invest in Canada is helping build a more prosperous economy for Canada and Canadians. Everything – good jobs, vibrant communities, educational opportunities, vital healthcare – is rooted in a strong economy.  Global companies that choose to expand in Canada contribute to an ever-stronger economy as well as to more prosperous communities, improving the lives of Canadians across the  country. 

Invest in Canada will continue to grow Canada’s profile on the international stage, bring strategic projects to Canada, and foster innovative business connections to drive our country’s prosperous and sustainable economy.  

Through our collaboration with our partners across the country and with investors around the globe, we will continue to articulate a national perspective of all our local distinctive assets, talents, and resources. We hope you will join us in the journey.