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Find out more about how Canada has performed on the world stage, and how FDI is helping to create jobs and foster innovation in Canadian communities.

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FDI reaches 15-year high in Canada: FDI Report 2021

Get the facts about FDI in Canada in 2021 – and meet some of the people and companies behind the numbers.

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Invest in Canada is the country’s global investment attraction and promotion agency. We seek out the most committed and best qualified sources of FDI to invest here at home. In so doing, we help build a prosperous, sustainable economy for our communities, our country and our world.

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Invest in Canada seeks to attract high quality, community focused investments into Canada that deliver long-term, sustainable returns, while remaining true to our fundamental values.


Canada’s economy relies on the innovation, new ideas and advanced technologies that FDI brings, in turn generating new opportunities for Canadians.

Environment & Sustainability

FDI can help Canada achieve its climate goals by introducing innovative new technologies and practices. FDI spurs the growth of green industries, creating new supply chains that will help Canada play a lead role in the fight against climate change.

Who's Investing in Canada?

In March 2022, Korea-based LG Energy Solution in joint venture with Netherlands-based Stellantis N.V. announced plans to invest more than $5 billion in Canada’s first electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing facility. The size of 112 hockey rinks, the Windsor, Ontario plant will produce lithium-ion batteries to meet much of the EV production in North America for Stellantis – the world’s sixth-largest automaker. An estimated 2,500 jobs will bring growth and prosperity to the Windsor-Essex region, the province and the country. In a deal involving all levels of government, Invest in Canada worked with LG Energy Solution from the outset to identify the opportunity and help bring about a successful launch.

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Finding the best to invest: LG Energy Solution & Stellantis’ historic EV battery investment

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FDI Facts and Figures

As 2021 unfolded, Canada’s annual foreign direct investments not only picked back up, but reached their highest levels in 15 years, with a yearly total of $75.5 billion!  

These numbers are encouraging for Canadians as they signal a vital boost to the economy and the creation of quality jobs. They are also a prime example that finding the best companies to invest here at home has a positive impact on our communities.  

A 15-year high for FDI into Canada

Global companies invested $75.5 billion in Canada in 2021, bringing foreign direct investment (FDI) to the highest annual total since 2007, a 41% increase over the 10-year average.

Different types of FDI, but one stand outs

The largest portion of FDI by type for 2021 was reinvested earnings, meaning companies are reinjecting their capital into Canada and signaling their desire to put roots down here in support of our economy and our communities. 

Of many industries, two top the list in 2021

Manufacturing was the top industry benefitting from FDI, outperforming its historical 10-year average by 46.6% and reaching $19.2 billion. Energy and mining came in second and outpaced its 10-year average by 72.9%, reaching $16.6 billion.  

Leading source countries for FDI

In 2021, Invest in Canada directly supported projects from all over the world. Top investor countries included the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. For each dollar of GDP generated in the Canadian economy last year, Canada attracted nearly US$0.72 of FDI, higher than both the G20 and OECD averages of US$0.38 and US$0.56 respectively.

Key Industries

From forestry and agriculture to energy and manufacturing, FDI can help spur growth in the industries that build a strong Canadian economy by supporting the development of innovative and sustainable technologies, practices and products.

FDI will help Canada bring new solutions to the world, such as batteries and electric vehicles, new plant-based foods and carbon-capture technology, while creating highly skilled jobs here at home.

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  • Tech
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Natural Resources
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Agribusiness
  • Cleantech
  • Life Sciences
  • Batteries and Electric Vehicles

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